Recorded in Ditmas Park on September 21, 2017


On the fall equinox, over equal day & night,

four mammals convened to bring five ancient songs into future thought.


LIMITED EDITION ( 20 copies only)

- hand-cut 10" record by @henryott

- hand-printed risographs by @secretrisoclub

FG Inner Sleeve.jpg



Side A

All Things are Quite Silent


Three Ravens


Side B

Go Down



Led by the fearless Lukas Papenfusscline, this ensemble is dedicated to rekindling and recomposing folk music from a variety of sources. Follow these mammals around @mammiferesband & visit their online abode at 🐐


Lukas Papenfusscline – vocals

Steve Conroy – bass

Aiden Farrell - drums

Henry Ott - guitar