The Sepalina Handbook

The Sepalina Handbook

  • A soft cover 6x9 handbook written by STEFA*

  • Photographs by Adriana Monsalve, mowri + STEFA*

  • Song transcriptions + liner notes

  • Limited run of 100

  • Available September 14


Sepalina tells the tale of a native alien who washes up on shore.

Waking up in the present, she has been stripped of her memories, her language, and of her land. A native nomad, she explores the undoing of our current world and the projection of our future.

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“My mother recently uncovered things about my grandmother’s life that has shocked the entire family – she’s become this mystery character who can't speak for herself because she’s gone, and so everyone is trying to piece together her story. I was told my indigenous side comes from her, so I started researching the tribe she was from, the Emberá-Chamí.”

STEFA* describes: “I felt I had to go back in time in order to begin to understand my present. I started looking up anything I could find online of the Emberá people — chants, songs — I found one and tried transcribing what they were singing, listening and writing down whatever vowel sounds and phrases I could hear forming – and so I transcribed ‘Sepalina’.”

 📷  Adriana Monsalve

📷 Adriana Monsalve

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