THE MAKING OF ABYA YALA. Videographer Lucho Parra (Urbano Street) caught some of the recording process of Combo Chimbita's latest album Abya Yala. This footage was taken on the second night out of the three-day session, when the band went into an hour-long musical trance to create the sonic story of the album, told through the interludes. We recorded the album live in the room without headphones, with Carolina's vocals and guacharaca over the PA system and Prince of Queens looping his bass—then overdubbing background vocals. Head down to the basement studio at Figure 8 to see ⚡⚡tropical futurism in the making⚡⚡

LES YPER SOUND - "STEP AWAY". Written by Miles Arntzen & Jas Walton. A music video by Lily Wen filmed by Stephanie Orentas at Figure 8. Recording Miles Arntzen & Jas Walton, Money Mark & Sinkane, Eli Crews & Lily Wen Celebrating 50 years of musique concrète in pop, new studio group Les Yper Sound releases Explorations in Drums & Sax. Enter into the world of intergalactic instrumentals by New York Afrobeat players Miles Arntzen & Jas Walton collaborating with Money Mark & Sinkane.

LES YPER SOUND - "EASTERN PARKWAY". Written by Miles Arntzen & Jas Walton. A music video shot on Eastern Parkway on an iPhone. 

JAS WALTON - "FACE THE FACTS" (FEAT. ALAN WATTS). A film by Jacob Blumberg, produced by Lily Wen. Alan Watts voice track courtesy of "Face the Facts" by Jas Walton is the title track from the 10-inch vinyl EP Face the Facts: Words by Alan Watts. The music video feat. selections from "The Fine Art of Goofing Off" courtesy of Henry "Sandy" Jacobs and from "Why Not Now?" with Alan Watts.