Michael Rocketship's debut album "Meaning of Love" Tapes Available in Silver + Gold

The Meaning of Love follows a long series of seven self-released Rocketship EPs that feature an assortment of musicians and bands. All of the EPs were recorded and/or mixed by Michael at Figure 8 Recording, a studio he manages in Prospect Heights. Beyond Rocketship Reality, Michael Coleman’s discography runs deep and runs wide. After touring as Chris Cohen’s keyboard player for a year and a half, Michael now performs primarily with Sam Evian, Ian Davis: Rock Band, and Renata Zeiguer, who created a stop-motion video for the album’s first single, “Smith, St. John & Pierre.”

On April 6, Figure & Ground releases these songs in final form as Michael Rocketship’s debut LP The Meaning of Love, comprising 11 original tracks written, performed, mixed, and produced by Coleman. In his words, “the thematic material of the album is being alienated from the places you live and how stupid our society seems to have become."