Okayplayer premieres a never-before-heard bonus Watts track

For a special Throwback Thursday, Scott Heins from Okayplayer talks about Walton's process and presents the world premiere of a never-released B-side Watts track, "Bottle of Ink." Here's the track + an excerpt of the feature:

"The philosophy and teachings of Alan Watts defy simple descriptions. Born in England and educated in the United States during the early 20th Century, Watts remains one of the most respected and quotable writers on Zen Buddhism in the English-speaking world. Across a multitude of books, speeches and recorded lectures, he championed experiences and conscious living over the accumulation of things and is still referenced by many in the fields of politics, religion, philosophy and the arts.

"The arts were particularly dear to Watts, and now, in commemoration of Watts’s 100th birthday year, a brand new 10″ vinyl EP, Face the Facts, has been released. Utilizing some of Watts’s own home recordings, captured and preserved by his son, New York-based musician and producer Jas Walton has created a new, deep-grooving sonic landscape in which listeners can encounter Watt’s insights into life. The end result comes across as rich and natural, with Walton’s bass and drum lines gently interweaving beneath Watt’s charming candor.

"'Bottle of Ink,' pairs Watts’s rumination on creation and human existence–an inquiry into difference and its simultaneous unity–with gently rolling congas and circulating strings. Not quite afrobeat, the track is a worldly moment all its own and one that quickly draws listeners deep into its own expanse."


Read more at okayplayer.com.